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We are gathering 366 (it’s a leap year!) people with constructive ideas and thoughts about school in this blog, with the aim to share (sharing is caring!) and be a positive contribution to the otherwise often quite depressing school debate. You can write whatever you want. You sign up here, or at the bottom of this page. You will then get a confirmation and a new link where you choose the day you want to contribute on, by filling in your name, WordPress username, mail and Twitter alias (if you have one).

Everyone has to set up a wordpress-account (if you don’t always have one) and enter the details in the secound document as well, in order for us to invite them as writers on the blog, letting each invidual publishtheir own post on their chosen day.

If anyone wants help with this, this is the email to get in touch with the superusers of #school365 mailskola365(@)gmail.com

We’re hoping to reas a lot of different perspectives from a lot of different people about school, during 2016. It would of course be gladly received if you would like to contribute with a post of your own!

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